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Brass Portholes, Aluminum Portholes and Porthole Mirrors as Nautical Decor

A porthole is a circular window provided on the hull of the ships. When open, portholes allow the light and air enter to the dark and damp below-deck quarters of the ship. When closed, they provide a water-proof and wind-proof window that allows maximum sunlight to the interior of the vessel.

Today portholes are widely used as nautical decor items in homes, beach huts and coastal villas. The portholes today are fitted with circular mirrors, so they find the best use as mirrors in all these places. By creating the mirror design, the portholes mirrors perform both roles effectively: they make good nautical decors and they provide a useful mirror as well.

The quality of the portholes available in the market makes a big difference in their price. We sell best-quality nautical portholes made of aluminum or brass frame and fitted with solid accessories. The brass or aluminum frame resists corrosion, so they retain their shine and design throughout their lifetime. The portholes are provided with hinges and nuts, so they can be opened for cleaning or replacing the mirror. The solid metallic frame and fittings make them handy. Even with the mirror fitted on them, you would find the brass portholes are easy to handle and can be taken from one place to the other easily.

MR4860 Porthole Cover 12" Expresses Your Nautical Decor
MR4861 Porthole 15" W/Mirror For Trendy Nautical Decor
Porthole Mirror A Nautical Wall Decor That Creates Marine Time Feel
Porthole Glass A Nice Budgetary Option For Festive Decor Upgrade
Porthole Glass Green An Elegant Variant Of Nautical Wall Decor
Porthole Glass A Perfect Nautical Wall Decor For Antique Anytime Gifting
Porthole Glass Decorative With Rustic Look But Rust Free
Porthole Mirror Green Wall Decor To Magnify The Feel Of Spaces
Porthole Mirror Antique A Multipurpose Coastal Wall Decor
Porthole Glass A Perfect Nautical Wall Decor For Prominent Places
Porthole Glass Green With Protective Polish A Perfect Beach Home Decor
Porthole Glass Antique Beach Decor Not Just The Wall Decoration
Porthole Glass Rust Budgetary Option For Festive Wall Decor Upgrade
Porthole Glass Tan Its Rusty Tan Color Makes It Special
Porthole Glass In Red Brown Tone A Unique Coastal Theme Wall Decor
Porthole Mirror A Purposeful Coastal Home Decor Asset
Porthole Mirror In Green Coordinating Nautical Wall Decor
Porthole Mirror Chrome Plated Long Lasting Purposeful Wall Decor
Porthole Glass Unique Wall Decor That Can Be Used Anywhere
Porthole Glass Green For Different Purposes Rather Than Just Wall Decor
Porthole Glass Antique Perfect For Nautical Theme Window Creation
Porthole Glass Antique With Bronze Finish To Be In Fashion For Ever
Porthole Window Gray Antique For Unique Marine Time Feel
Porthole Mirror Green Fantastic Nautical Wall Decor To Feel Great
Porthole Mirror Antique To Magnify The Look Of Spaces With Marine Feel
Porthole Mirror Rust Must To Have For Royal And Nautical Blend
Porthole Mirror Brass Antique Finish Feel Royal With Every Look
Porthole Mirror Antique Gray A Big Size Coordinating Wall Decor
Porthole Mirror Chrome Finish Glittering Wall Decor With Nautical Flavor
Sand Timer Hourglass 1.2 Minute Small Size Makes It Special Collectable
Porthole Mirror A Multipurpose Wall Decor For Day To Day Use
Porthole Mirror Green A Useful Ship Decor Asset For Any Place
Porthole Mirror Antique To Magnify The Spaces With Royal Look
Porthole Mirror Sleek And Rustic Variant More Than Just The Wall Decor
Porthole Mirror Shabby Green Feel The Coolness Of Marine Wall Decor
Porthole Mirror Green An Excellent Room Decor Upgrade
Porthole Mirror With Protective Polish Makes The Spaces Nautical
Porthole Mirror A Wall Decor That Makes The Spaces More Spacious
Porthole Mirror Green Its Incorporation Makes The Decor Designs great
Porthole Mirror Antique Nice Budgetary Option For Festive Decor
Porthole Mirror Aluminum Shabby Green A Perfect Coastal Wall Decor
Porthole Mirror Aluminum Red Brown Anytime Festive Decor Upgrade
Porthole Mirror - Creative Seaside Port Hole Mirror
Classical Hourglass - Decorative Sand Timer Decor In Brass
Porthole Clock - Creative Seaside Port Hole Clock
Porthole Clock - Creative Luxury Liner Port Hole Clock
Porthole Clock - Seaside Port Hole Clock With Mahogany
Porthole Clock - Seaside Low Profile Port Hole Clock
Porthole Mirror - Antique Iron Seaside Port Hole Mirror
Porthole Viewer - Antique Iron Seaside Port Hole Glass
Porthole Viewer - Antique Iron Seaside Port Hole Glass
Porthole Mirror - Antique Iron Seaside Port Hole Mirror
Porthole Mirror - Antique Iron Seaside Port Hole Mirror
Home Decor _ Brass Porthole Oblong with Glass and used on Ship
Home Decor _ Brass Porthole Cover with Mirror or Ship Sidescuttle
Helm Clock - Wooden Ship Wheel Helm Clock in Brass
Helm Clock - Wooden Ship Wheel Helm Clock in Brass
Helm Clock - Wooden Ship Wheel Helm Clock in Antique Iron
09484 Brass Porthole Mirror - Adds Nautical Glamour To House Decor

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