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IR80701 Roman Shield- Makes The History Live

IR80701 Roman Shield- Makes The History Live
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"Medieval weaponry and armor including roman shields, arrows and swords started the trend to develop better safety equipments for the soldiers. They were great armor having a fashionable appeal. Soldiers used to feel dignified and heroic after putting on medieval armor marked with country or reign?s symbol. Shields were used extensively to safeguard against direct attacks as well as to attack the closer targets. There were two main kinds of roman shields. Rectangular shaped shields were used by infantry; circular or oval shaped shields were used by cavalry and the auxiliary. Shields gave an extra edge to Roman soldiers during Punic War against Carthaginian enemies. Because of its curved shape, it absorbs heavy blows. Its side slopes turn the blows and arrows away thus allowing the soldier to concentrate more upon making attacks. Stores dealing in medieval decor or costal living items offer variety of shields but IR80701 Roman Shield is the most demanded model.

It comes in 20 inch wide and 36 inch tall size. The front side of shield features many gold wings and a center bolt on the bright red color background made of high quality polished steel. A dome is provided in the middle for IR80701 Roman Shield for extra protection. A comfortable vertical metal handle is provided to make the grip over it firm. The combination of red and golden colors makes it a unique medieval decor item. Because of being elegant looking and also because of having gorgeous medieval look, IR80701 Roman Shield has become popular as a unique round the year gift item also. "

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